Friday, September 25, 2009

So....I'm being a bit lazy tonight. My hubby surprised me with starting a Netflix account! I'm super excited since I am always trying to find new movies on HBO. So tonight we are having a movie night - yipee! He chose a movie called Role Models - not sure what it's about but exited just the same.

Nevertheless, I thought I would share my new organization method for my ribbon "problem". Well just the spool organization - I am still working on the single strands! My parents live close to the Offray ribbon outlet in PA and OMG!!!! I go EVERY time I am home - it's a sickness I know. So I have collected numerous spools of ribbon over the years. I found these ClosetMaid racks at Home Depot and VOILA! They are perfect! Although....they are all full. Maybe I should join a ribbon swap?

Between paper and ribbon - well let's just say I should be set for projects for the rest of my life! Anyone else share this problem? Tomorrow I'm off to a Folk Art Fest - I can't wait! Hopefully I will be in the creating mode on Sunday!


  1. Hello, Just stopping by to check out your blog since I noticed you signed on as a follower of mine. Thanks! I see you are just getting started in your blogging experience. Wishing you the best of luck! You have some beautiful vintage creations and I will check back because that is my favorite style!

    Blessings & hugs,

  2. Wow - that's a great collection of ribbon!!I have a large bunch that I rec'd in a share, but I have yet to use it, as I seem to just collect. LOL!

    Enjoy the movie. I think my husband wants to rent that, too.

  3. A girl can never have too much ribbon! Love your blog!

  4. Love your ribbon holders, and yes I have the same addiction to ribbon, and buttons:) LOL I keep mine on 3 large shelves, in big drawers, and and some other loose ones in a big jar!! :) Everytime I go shopping I end up buying at least 10 rolls of ribbon :) I LOVE IT!!!!


  5. i thought my ribbon addiction was a problem, great to know someone has it worse than

    your storage looks fab :0)

  6. Mary, your room is stunning!!!I want one just like it!!!Lucky Girl!!