Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Custom Pages - Ida McKinley

Good evening all!

Well the Blackhawks and Flyers are on the tube, my husband is sporting his Blackhawk jersey, and I am nibbling on yummy lemon cranberry cookies - warm and gooey right out of the oven!! I am hoping - for his sake and my sanity - that they win! He gets so passionate about his hawks!

So I wanted to share a little sneak peek with everyone. One of my sweet customers is creating a scrapbook for Ida McKinley (President William McKinley's dear wife). She has asked me to create a few pages to add to her masterpiece. Ida had two daughters (Katie and Ida). Sadly, both passed away at a very young age. To preserve the memories she spent with her girls, I designed a page depicting her reading to her two girls. Since there are not many pictures of Ida, this page just depicts the scene with paper and vintage style fabric and lace. I tried to capture the Victorian style of the early twentieth century with different woods and ornate decor. I hand pieced and shaded each piece of the wooden floor - which may be my favorite part! Beautiful crown molding and wainscoting line both pages.

I am so pleased with how these two pages turned out - and hope she is as well!

Thanks for looking!

Full view of the left side page

Dimensional bookshelf with many lovely children's books for Ida to read to her girls

Side view to show dimension of fabric and girls

Full view of right hand page (notice the sparkly chandelier)

A closer view of the toy chest, rocking horse, puppy and table with lace runner.

Close-up of Grandfather clock and tea set


  1. I stammer at any words to describe how amazing this is! Beth

  2. These pages are absolutely incredible! The dtail is stunning!

  3. Your work always amazes me! It is so beautiful and detailed. These pages are some more master pieces.

    Yeah Blackhawks! Woohoo!