Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How do you plan?

So as I am redesigning my design studio, I came across sketches and piles of yummy goodies put aside for upcoming projects. Which made me wonder - how do you plan your designs?

Personally, I start with a sketch - a very simple pencil plan in my trusty notebook. Then I label the images (just in case I forget what I was visioning - lol!) After that I choose my color palette and start pulling papers. This is the LONGEST part of my planning. I literally will pile and pull papers our of every corner of the earth until I am satisfied. Sometimes I even take a stack of colors (usually blues and greens) to my husband to help me pick the perfect backgrounds. Four eyes are better than two - sometimes ;o)

After I decide on my papers, it is time to pick coordinating embellishments. Then it is back to my sketch to add which papers and embellies will go where - and VOILA! A plan is born.

Now, you may ask, do you stick to this "plan"? Usually - but sometimes I travel off the path or change my mind about a few things here and there.

So - how do you plan?




  1. What a cool insight into your work process! I often work from kits to make this process quicker. I like to start with a "vision" of the result, and then make a very basic sketch. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. It is interesting to hear how you start your projects, I often wonder how or where everyone gets their ideas. I may start with an idea, then when looking at images, it usually changes to fit the image so no pen to paper here, just up in my head. :)

  3. I'm with Kathy - it's all in my head - jumbled sometimes!!

  4. Love your blog! You had so many great post that I had a hard time deciding which one to comment on. Love your music choices to.

  5. I plan in my head and sometimes I use My Digital Studio. But for the most part I let an idea swirl in my head then somehow it comes complete and I have to start creating. The creative process sure is different for everyone. Your frame project is so soft and feminine. TFS

  6. Hi Mary, I am so excited - I love looking at all your projects. You are truly blessed with creativity!! Plus, I am so very proud of my daughter! Love, MOM