Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a little more...

Ok....I promise I won't bore you with anymore new pictures of my new studio - after today - lol! So here you can see I added quite a few things to my counters. I tried to keep everything around the perimeter so it is out of my way, but close enough to grab in a jiff! The wires will be hidden next week with new outlets (yippee)!

The pictures below show you how I organize many of my little odds and ends. Maybe it will help inspire you to organize this weekend! ;o)

Here is the inside of the cabinet where you can see 8 shallow drawers.
So I keep border punches....

powders & glitters...
sewing goodies, etc.!

And here is a view of my ever growing ribbon collection. As you can see it is getting a little "overgrown" so I should probably reorganize it soon. I tend to color coordinate many of my scrapbook supplies - since it how I tend to plan my designs. Plus it's eye catching!

Hope you enjoyed this week's sneak peeks into my studio!


  1. This is fantastic!!! A LOT OF PLANNING WENT INTO THIS AND IT LOOKS GREAT!!! I need you to do some designing for me! I can't wait to come and see it!!! Love, MOM

  2. I love your work area!
    I keep meaning to post pictures or a video of mine, but it is never tidy enough teehee.