Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Most Wonderful Mom

I think mine wins the prize! I came home today with a package on my doorstep....and look what was inside!! Tons of vintage goodies! Doilies, laces, jewelry....I was surrounded with so many beautiful items my fingers were doing the happy dance! I just can't wait to use them all! I already have one put aside for a vintage Halloween layout I'm working on.

So thank you mom! You made my week!!



  1. Hi Mary!!!! You are welcome! - I will look for more - this is fun for me too!!!! I wish I could be up grandma's attic again!!! Have a great day!!! I love the picture you posted too!!! Love, MOM

  2. What a great mom you have! Are you gonna show your Halloween idea when it's ready?

  3. Juliette - I sure am...hope to have it done tomorrow night...wish me luck!

  4. How special is that..... you have a very thoughtful mom. :)