Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Tussie Mussies

Tussie-mussies, from Victorian times, were tiny bouquets of dried flowers and herbs given to its recipient to covey a personal message. Originally the custom of giving a tussie-mussie was done in medieval times when fresh air was thought to be harmful. The original tussie-mussie was actually a "nosegay" and literally was held to the nose to prevent infections and to avoid the awful smell of neighbors and friends who only bathed yearly due to religious customs!

Over time it became a necessity for every woman's wardrobe. Today tussie-mussies are actually remnants of the Victorian era when gifts were handmade and "given from the heart".

Some of the herbs used in tussie-mussies are:

* Basil for love and good wishes
* Burnet for a merry heart
* Rose Geranium for your preferences
* Rosemary for remembrance
* Sage for long life and good health
* Thyme for happiness and courage

The above herbs would be combined with flowers:

* Roses - Love
* Marigolds for joy and remembrance
* Forget-Me-Nots for true love
* Bachelor Buttons for single blessedness

The flower that symbolized the most important wish would be in the center and the other flowers surrounded it. (from ezinearticles.com; Bob G. Johnson)

My tussie mussies have been made from a rolled piece of 12x12 paper and ribbon hanger. I then embellished it to give it a true Victorian feel and stuffed with little tissue paper and yummy candy canes for a special treat. Vintage music paper, tea stained twill, Santa checking his list, and a silver glittered star are layered just so to give dimension and texture to each one.

These little lovelies are super easy and fast and would make a uniquely beautiful container for your holiday gift giving!

Thanks for stopping by tonight - and if I don't get a chance to post again this week - have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!


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