Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sneak Peek & Hot Cocoa Dippers

We are living in a magical winter wonderland here in the midwest! Several inches of snow still cover the ground - with more on the way! My husband and I are planning on seeing Straight No Chaser tonight, hoping that the weather will hold off until we are safely home. If you haven't heard of this amazing men's acapella group, you simply MUST watch this youtube video showing one of their holiday performances. I am bubbling with excitement to see them live!

Here is just a sneak peek of a layout I created for the holidays. This one is so chunky that it will solely be a display piece since I highly doubt it would squeeze into a scrapbook sleeve. Shhhh...this one is a secret (more pictures after the holidays!)

Finally, I have a super yummy recipe/activity for you to make with your loved ones - Holiday Hot Cocoa Dippers (pictured above)! ather large marshmallows, drinking straws, chocolate, and red nonpareil sprinkles. Skewer marshmallows on straws, then melt chocolate in a small vessel (such as a shallow microwave-safe bowl). Dip in marshmallows, leaving white tops exposed; lift sticks straight up, letting excess chocolate drip off. Cool briefly on waxed paper, but dip marshmallow bottoms into sprinkles while chocolate is still slightly soft.

Want these adorable straws to make the look complete? You can find them here on Etsy from parcelandpaper for a very reasonable price! **Or here on Artfire. (I think the Etsy shop already sold out!)**

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Stay warm and cozy!