Tuesday, July 13, 2010

English Rose Fairy

So I had an idea! (normally when I say this there is grunting from my husband) I just love flower fairies and thought - "Why don't I make a collection of layouts depicting the fragile world of garden fairies!" So here is my first creation - The Wild English Rose Fairy. I think she turned out pretty darn cute and was a delight to create!

I just loved layering her delicate rose petal skirt. I used a white petal but then lightly tinted the edges to give that "blushing bride" look. Her little house is an overturned watering can with vines of roses creeping up it's sides. I added many vintage baubles and bits to this layout - a little out of control compared to my normal layout style - lol!

This adorable flower charm was created by Bridget Aul from Tweety Petie Designs. She is a miniature artist and does AMAZING work. I had the pleasure of working with Bridget recently and just love seeing her creations. You can visit her blog here and her online store here. Be sure to check her out! You won't be disappointed!

For my next creation I think I will do a butter daisy or daffodil (something yellow).

You can see more pictures of this layout here.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for looking!


  1. looks great..wow, so much detail!

  2. This is so sweet. Love the colors. Perfect for my little girls room. She would LLLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE it

  3. I just love looking at your blog and your layouts, you have such detail, so professional looking. This one is so pretty!

  4. What an incredible amount of thought you put into this. Every piece is interesting to look at.

  5. So soft and pretty...I love all the little details here!

  6. Wow, your English rose fairy piece is beautiful! So delicate and girly! I love it!