Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Time for another challenge at The Pink Elephant! This week's challenge is to create a color themed layout! Ella wants you to use pink, green, and black throughout your design. So come on over and play!

For this design I used a combination of collections from the Shabby Princess. During our recent vacation to Las Vegas, we were met with a rainbow assortment of gelato and sorbet - litterally everywhere we turned!! Gelato is Italian ice cream that is super smooth and creamy. Soooo different from ice cream and in a variety of unique flavors. My mom and I (pictured in this lovely photo) were inundated with the myriad of flavors to choose from! My favorite = chocolate + coconut. And boy do I miss it! They even give you teeny tiny spoons to eat it with so you can savor every morsel.



  1. Love your layout.
    I love how they display it

  2. I tried to follow your blog but it is cut off.

  3. Thanks Tracy! Oh no! What exactly popped up when you tried to follow? Might have been a glitch - seems to be working now (fingers crossed - lol!)

  4. Oh your layout is perfect for this weeks color theme and Sketch! Beth

  5. Great job!!! I wish we had some of that gelato right now, Mary!!!!! LOVE, MOM