Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Have you ever seen the movie "The Great Outdoors" with John Candy? It is one of my favorite summer movies! There is a scene in this film where raccoons tear apart the trash each night and make a total mess. The coons talk to each other through subtitles talking about their mischief while giggling in the dark. This layout was inspired (somewhat) by these little critters.....although this squirrel and skunk are much cuter and not focused on mass destruction!

There are so many different inspirations and elements that have gone into this layout - I just don't know where to begin! The little girl in the sleeping bag snuggling with her trusty pup were inspired by a digital image by Mo Manning. You may have seen other paper piecings I have created using Mo's images. She is just a fantastic artist and really captures the essence of childhood through her images! I am very grateful that she has given me permission to use her designs in my own creations. You can see her images here at Mo's Digital Pencil Shop.

During the night, Bella and Bronte hear faint noises in their camp. Bella shines her flashlight trying to catch a glimpse of the troublemakers. On the second page, the intruders roast their marshmallows over a bright campfire. They have already made a complete platter of smores to take back to their friends. The smore platter and charm were created by Bridget at Tweety Petie Designs. This gal is incredibly talented in making miniatures out of clay. You must go check out her work!

I added a lot of greenery and flowers to this layout to give dimension. Cosmo Cricket's "Mr. Campy" paper was used throughout the majority of the layout. I just loved the blues, reds, and browns of this paper. Wonderfully earthy and well coordinated.

Not many vintage touches to this layout like my others....but I really had a blast with it!

If you want to see more pictures - or add it to your own collection, it is for sale this week on Ebay. You can view the listing here.

Thanks for bopping in today!


  1. Your work is out of this world! So much wonderful detail!

  2. Amazing and wow, your work is just breathtaking, this is so cute with the little critters. Love it.

  3. OMG, this is amazing. LOVE every single detail! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. oh wow this is amazing! the details are just awesome..great job! it really came out really really really good! :)